…take a philosophy class again! #ugh


I am a child of God.

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend.

I love my Catholic faith and everything about it.

I love meeting new people even though I can be shy at times.

I’m a good listener though, I don’t always know what to say.

I don’t let others define who I am.

I respect my body.

I am waiting for that one special man that the Lord has chosen for me! <3

I love prayer, even though i struggle keeping up with it.

Adoration is a very special time for me - I get to just sit and chat with the Lord and let him love me. 

I come from a big family and I love it.

I feel that I am called to be married one day and start a family of my own.

I will raise my children in the Catholic faith.

My sons will be gentlemen and my daughters, ladies.

I am Pro-life and no one could ever change my mind to think that killing innocent children is okay or justifiable in any way.

I am me, Chelsey. Love it or leave it.


So, without naming any names I’d like to complain about someone… Since when is it okay to use your condition for attention? for special treatment? for excuses to get out of work? or even to put your friends in a position where they feel the need to feel bad for you at all times…. it’s not. Especially when you’re not doing it very discretely. It’s pretty obvious actually. I’m seriously just fed up with this crap and sometimes I even wish that there was a way for me to get out of this situation. It’s been going on for so long now… & it doesn’t’ help that the family babies the crap out of this person… I mean, I get it. They’re sick and they need attention and care and whatever.. but UGH. Now I’m just sounding like a cold-hearted b*tch, when that is NOT the case… I’m just going to quit while I’m ahead. Be on the look out, I’m sure there with be more where this came from.


This guy though»> Helped me make my headboard, along with my #mother! #father #saw #mallet #nailgun #funnnn #excessivehashtagging #nbd


The only obvious candidate for #WomanCrushWednesday is this fine lady! @racheljnyhus #loveher #wcw #lifeguards


Oh hey there…. #selfie #bored


Living life day by day, being patient & doing my best to accept the plans God has laid out for me. #selfiesunday #trust


Sitting behind these 2 pool goers at the movie!


Well we’re moving up in the line, but have already been waiting a good 20-30 minutes! #dumpstation #camping #generalsibleypark


Took a ride in the #gator through the pasture out at Gandrud’s #NoDak #beauty